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 Winter League Baseball News



Being one of the most popular formats of baseball game, the Winter League Baseball is basically played by the aspiring new players. The Arizona Winter League, the Hawaii Winter League, and the Dominican Winter Baseball League are three major winter leagues. Winter League Baseball News will make you well informed about the game. Given below is some of the latest Winter League Baseball News:

Offerman’s Dominican Career Over
The Dominican Winter Baseball League has suspended Jose Offerman for life after an incident Saturday.  While arguing on batter's strike count with American umpire Daniel Reyburn, Offerman tried to hit him. It was a playoff game against the Cibao Giants at Quisqueya Stadium. Daniel Reyburn and three other umpires Jayson Bradley, Justin Vogel and Barry Larson resigned and left the country after this incident. This compelled the Dominican Winter League to take the decision of banning Offerman.
New York Mets' Fernando Martinez develops swelling on hands
It seems that bad time of Fernando Martinez still continues. This excellent outfield prospect of the New York Mets has joined the Dominican Winter League after summer knee surgery two weeks ago. Since last Saturday he has been sidelined due to blisters on hands. The trouble occurred during a rigorous batting practice session, Martinez said.
End of 2010 Arizona Winter League
The 2010 Arizona Winter League has ended up with four teams namely San Luis Atleticos, Saskatchewan Silver Sox, the Yuma Scorpions, and Calgary Vipers. These teams are going to appear to the playoffs over this weekend. The Arizona Winter League is also known as the premier winter instructional league for professional and professional baseball aspirants. Commissioner Kevin Outcalt said, "This was a great season for the Arizona Winter League in all aspects.” He has also said, "We had our largest number of teams and players, record attendance by the fans, the highest number of players drafted as 55 free agents received contract offers from professional teams in a number of leagues, and 17 major league organizations sent scouts to evaluate the prospects."
Major League Baseball to start fall operations to Arizona
Major League Baseball has determined to “consolidate” its fall operations to Arizona, a Hawaii Winter Baseball press release stated. As per the available information, “The decision essentially ends any participation in HWB by players from the MLB and its minor league affiliates.”



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