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 Minor League Baseball News




As far as popularity of the Minor League Baseball is concerned, it is second to the Major League Baseball. Many Professional baseball leagues are played in North America. These leagues mostly are not recognized by the Major League baseball. The Minor League Baseball affiliates these leagues. Are you interested to get the latest Minor League Baseball news? Following are some hot news of the Minor League Baseball 2010:
Many maple bats are to be banned in the Minor League
To stop shattered shards of wood from flying, the Minor League Association is going to ban many maple bats. According to the new regulations, bats made from ultra-light maple could not be used. More than 30 companies will not use softer red maple and silver maple to prepare baseball bats. This ban will be imposed on the players with no major league experience and not on 40-man rosters.
Stephen Strasburg likely to start in the minor leagues
Latest Minor League Baseball news is that right-hander Stephen Strasburg is likely to start the season in the minor leagues. According to Washington Nationals manager Jim Riggleman, “It's just more challenging to pitch in Double-A or Triple-A in April than it is in spring training in March. We get a better read."
MiLB honor for Montoyo, Lieppman
As per the announcement made on Tuesday, Oakland Athletics director of player development Keith Lieppman and Durham Bulls manager Charlie Montoyo have been selected for the second annual Sheldon "Chief" Bender and Mike Coolbaugh Awards, respectively by the Minor League Baseball. Along with them, four other major award winners will also be felicitated during the December 7-10 Baseball Winter Meetings.
Testing for HGH in Minors?
There is a probability of execution of blood testing for human growth hormone in the Minor League Baseball games later this year, according to recent news. The news was published just one day after a British rugby player was dangle for testing positive for HGH. Several steps have been taken against the use of performance-enhancing drugs in the Minor Leagues by Commissioner Bud Selig.
Giants Recognized by Santa Clara
The Giants were recognized by the County of Santa Clara for winning the California League championship. The San Jose Giants were appreciated by the Board of Supervisors of the County of Santa Clara for their dedication, inspiration, and motivation. While accepting the Commendation, the president and CEO of the San Jose Giants Jim Weyermann said, “The real credit goes to the fans of our region that supported us with record numbers." San Jose defeated the High Desert Mavericks in the Championship Series to win the 2009 California League title.



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