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Minor League Baseball







The Minor League Baseball is incredibly popular in America. As far as the level of recognition is concerned, the Minor League Baseball is just next to MLB. Founded in 1869, the Minor League Baseball comprises several professional baseball leagues in North America. There are many independent leagues in the country that do not have membership of organized baseball. The Minor League Baseball acts an umbrella organization to affiliate these leagues. The competition in this league is equally tough and aggressive as MLB games. It is also seen that successful players of the Minor League games have made their way to the Major League Baseball. On the contrary, many brilliant prospects of MLB remained unsuccessful to impress the spectators of Minor League. Other than the United States and Canada, the Minor League Baseball is also played in countries like Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico.

The Minor League Baseball games are played in small cities and towns as compared to MLB. These games serve as a stepping stone for the young players.
A Brief History of the Minor League Baseball
The Minor League Baseball, formerly known as the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues was established on September 5, 1901. The first president was Patrick T. Powers. In the first season, there were fourteen leagues and 96 clubs under the NAPBL. The Minor League Baseball has come a long way after that. The records show that almost all the MLB players have started their career with a team in the National Association. Even the Major League umpires also start their umpiring career in NA games.
Leagues and Teams of Minor League Baseball
The Minor League Baseball has also evolved with time. Now it has 20 minor baseball leagues and 246 member clubs. Names of the leagues under the Minor League Baseball are as follows:
     Appalachian League
     Arizona League
     California League
     Carolina League
     Dominican Summer League
     Eastern League
     Florida State League
     Gulf Coast League
     International League
     Mexican League
     Midwest League
     New York-Penn League
     Northwest League
     Pacific Coast League
     Pioneer League
     South Atlantic League
     Southern League
     Texas League
     Venezuelan Summer League
Minor League Baseball Levels
The Minor Leagues are separated into three levels such as, Triple-A, Double-A, and Single-A.
Triple-A is the topmost level of baseball under the Major League Baseball. An MLB team consists of 40 players. But only 25 players can play games in MLB. Rest of the 15 players play on the Triple-A team as per requirement of the team they are called up. These Triple-A teams are mostly located in big cities and salary of the players is approximately $2150 US per month.
Double-A teams are next to the Triple-A teams. Most of these teams are located in medium-sized cities. The level of competition is equally high as the Triple-A games. Salary of the players is approximately $1500 US per month.
Players of Single-A leagues are still required to enhance their overall skills. Salary of the players is $850-$1050 US per month.

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