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Major League Baseball



American League



National League




 Major League Baseball (MLB) is undoubtedly the highest rank of play in professional baseball in North America and it is also noted as the premier league of the world. Major League Baseball has a joint organizational structure that operates the American League and the National League. Presently, MLB comprises 30 teams with 16 teams in the National League and the rest of the 14 teams under the American League. Each of the American League and the National League consists of a Central, Eastern, and Western Division. MLB, in association with the International Baseball Federation takes the responsibility of organizing the World Baseball Classic. The major draw for both the leagues is the presence of some of the best professional baseball athletes. Alex Rodriguez for New York Yankees and Albert Pujols for St. Louis Cardinals are among outstanding players who play for the American and National Leagues. Teams like New York Yankees, Oakland Athletics, St. Louis Cardinals, and Los Angeles Dodgers are rated among the top teams in the league. Owing to the ever growing popularity of baseball in other countries there is a possibility of more international expansion of MLB. A host of foreign countries are being considered for further expansion.


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