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 Little League Baseball News



Baseball, one of the most popular sports, is America’s national pastime. The game is organized in various levels by several for-profit and non-profit organizations. The Little League Baseball and Softball supports local volunteers to host and operate Little League games. The children of 5 to 18 years of age participate in these leagues. Apart from the U.S, Youth baseball leagues and softball leagues are also incredibly popular in other parts of the world. Based on participant’s age, little leagues are separated in many divisions such as, the Tee-Ball, the Minor League, the Junior League, the Senior League as well as the Big League, the Little League, and “Pilot” division for ages 12-13. Some of the latest Little League Baseball News is mentioned below:

Barnstable Little League to be hosted in Centerville home field
The Barnstable Little League which serves some 700 players from ages 6 to 16 will be hosted at the Bay Lane Fields in Centerville. Barnstable Little League typically starts its season in April and ends up by the time school ends. The immediate past president of the Barnstable Little League Richard Petze stated that there is plan to reconfigure the present two fields into three. Along with complete improvements to the field, facilities will also include a central snack bar and restroom. Coastal Engineering of Orleans played key role in reconfiguration.
Baseball legends played to promote the Little League
It was the 18th Annual Arizona Baseball Charities/Molina Fine Jewelers Celebrity Game where some 40 former MLB players including Hall of Fame pitcher Gaylord Perry played before a crowd of about 7,000 at Scottsdale Stadium. The cause was to raise money for the Little League. An amount of $40,000 plus was given to the Little League teams throughout the state. 43 teams were given $300 each, 10 teams were given $1,000 each, while $2,500 was given to one team and the grand slam prize worth of $5,000 was given to one team. Former Major Leaguer Buddy Schultz who is the president of Arizona Baseball Charities said, “The teams and leagues, which include a number from the East Valley, will use the money for baseball equipment and other field improvements in preparation of the 2010 baseball season.”
NYSCA Training on March 13th
The Sudbury Little League annual day of training is slated on Saturday March 13. The exact time has not yet been announced by the league authority. Jeff Dade will train the Managers and Coaches the SLL Baseball Skills platform. He will also teach pitching fundamentals to the young pitchers.
Spring 2010 Kickball League
This spring's Kickball League, the Alexandria Little League, will begin on Saturday, April 24th. And it will conclude on Saturday, June 5th. Registrations for this spring’s Kickball League are open. Registrations could also be made online.


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