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Fantasy Baseball


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Fantasy Baseball
In the realm of fantasy sports, fantasy baseball perhaps scores the best. In fantasy baseball game, the players form their fantasy baseball teams considering the statistics of the real-world players. Then they compete against each other and score points. Since baseball is the national pastime in America, it is quite natural that most Americans will be interested to participate in this amazing sport. According to the fantasy sports editor of Rotoworld and NBCSports.com Gregg Rosenthall, Six to seven million people take  part in fantasy baseball today.


History of fantasy baseball
The concept of modern fantasy baseball has been originated from the baseball board games such as, APBA (American Professional Baseball Association) and Strat-O-Matic. Dick Seitz formed American Professional Baseball Association in 1951 which is regarded as the first baseball board game. The game was played based on the statistics of real-life major league players. On the other hand, Strat-O-Matic was invented by Hal Richman. In the 60’s or 70’s, these baseball board games were incredibly popular.
After introduction of computer, both APBA and Strat-O-Matic have moved to a computer-based game in the 1990’s. But the pattern of the game was the same as the card game. Here the game was played via a computerized dice roll.
How to play fantasy baseball
To play fantasy baseball first you need to build a team. You can pick up players according to their real-life performances. Fantasy baseball is mainly played in two formats namely a league or contest. In contests, you need to select players depending on a salary cap. Then you have to amass points (like 1 point for a single, 4 points for a homerun, etc.). Several other players will also take part in this contest and the participant with the highest point will win the contest. On the contrary, in leagues, there are groups consisting of 8 to 18 teams. Here you need to pick up teams through an auction. The participants vie depending on head-to-head records or year-to-date standings. At the end of the season, the top finishers are awarded with money. In the smaller baseball contests the entry fees normally varies between $15 and $60. For the major leagues, the entry fee is around $1500 and payout is also huge. The payout of the National Fantasy Baseball Championship is $100,000.
Bob Bentz, the editor of Fantasy Baseball Dugout is renowned for offering fantasy baseball tips. These tips facilitate the managers to win the fantasy baseball leagues. Bob Bentz had won 61% of the fantasy baseball leagues where he participated in.
Fantasy baseball today
Fantasy baseball is one of the most popular fantasy sports in recent times. Due to its overwhelming craze and immense success, Yahoo, ESPN, and CBS Sportsline run fantasy baseball team and league. For getting permission to use statistics, photos, and logos of the players on their sites, all these sports groups pay Major League Baseball Advanced Media $2 million per year. The MLB Players’ Association has handed over the responsibility of collecting licensing payments to Major League Baseball Advanced Media on behalf of the MLB Players’ Association.

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