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 College Baseball League




College baseball leagues are played among the teams on intercollegiate level under NCCA and NAIA. The College World Series is the final rounds of NCAA tournaments.
A Brief History of College Baseball Leagues
According to the records, first intercollegiate baseball game was played on July 1, 1859 in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. The game was played between the Amherst College baseball team and the Williams College baseball team. The Amherst team won the match by 73-32.
Popular College Baseball Leagues
Many college baseball leagues are organized in the US. In these leagues, teams face each other to win the championship title. Popular College Baseball Leagues are as follows:
Triple Crown College Baseball League
The Triple Crown College Baseball League (TCCBL) was established by Triple Crown Sports in 2007. This is a wood bat collegiate summer baseball league.  Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, TCCBL comprises all levels of collegiate baseball players including NAIA, NCAA Division I, and Junior-college players. Five teams participated in the 2009 championship. These are the Triple Crown Bandits, Triple Crown Bulldogs, Colorado Aliens, Triple Crown Renegades, and the Colorado Khaos.
College World Series
The NCAA Division I Baseball Championship culminates with the College World Series or CWS.  This popular baseball tournament is organized in Omaha, Nebraska to decide the NCAA Division I college baseball champion. First this tournament was held in 1947 at Hyames Field in Kalamazoo. The College World Series is now two four-team double-elimination brackets. The winner of each bracket faces each other and the best-of-three championship series. The tournament is organized in June.
College Baseball Summer Leagues
Many summer college baseball leagues are hosted across North America. Almost all these leagues are wooden bat leagues. In summer, the college students participate in these leagues and enhance their skills to play as professional player. Typically, these leagues are played from June through August. Following are name of the summer college baseball leagues:
      Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League
      Jayhawk League
      Northwoods League
      Southern Collegiate Baseball League
      Texas Collegiate League
      Valley League
      Cape Cod League
      California Collegiate League
      New York Collegiate Baseball League
      Cal Ripken, Sr. Collegiate Baseball League
      Coastal Plain League
      Clark Griffith Collegiate League
      Western Baseball Association
      Central Illinois Collegiate League
      Alaska Baseball League
      Atlantic Collegiate Baseball League
      Mountain Collegiate Baseball League
      New England Collegiate Baseball League

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