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Cleveland Indians

Two times World Series title winner Cleveland Indians is one of the 30 teams in Major League Baseball. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, this renowned baseball team is in the Central Division of MLB. The team has been playing in the Progressive Field since 1994 which was earlier known as Jacobs Field. It has won World Series Titles in the year 1920 and 1948. Cleveland Indians has 5 AL Pennants in its name, and it has earned Central division titles 7 times.
History of Cleveland Indians
Being one of the eminent baseball teams, Cleveland Indians came into existence in 1900. At that time, the American League (AL) was known as a minor league. The team then was known as the Cleveland Blues and was one of the eight charter franchises in the American League. Initially, the team would play in League Park, and in 1946, it has moved to Cleveland Municipal Stadium for good.
The period from 1901 to 1946, Cleveland Indians went through a predicament. The team suffered from severe financial crisis. Even the situation had reached to such an extent that the owner thought of leaving them and taking over Pittsburgh or Cincinnati. Team’s poor performance had worsened the situation between 1960 and 1993. This period was popularly known as the 30 year slump.
From 1994, things took a proper turn for the Cleveland Indians. The team owner Richard Jacobs and General Manager John Hart played major role to turn the fortunes of Cleveland Indians around. August 5, 2001 is a memorable day in the history of the Cleveland Indians. They made the biggest comeback in MLB history on this day. By this time, Manny Ramirez and Sandy Alomar had already left the team and Juan Gonzalez came in. And it worked superbly as the team struck back with a record 91-71 win in the Central Division.
Facts & Figures
World Series Victories
µ      1920 World Series titles
µ      1948 World Series titles
American League Victories
µ      1920 AL Pennants
µ      1948 AL Pennants
µ      1954 AL Pennants
µ      1995 AL Pennants
µ      1997 AL Pennants
Central Division Victories
µ      1995 Central Division titles
µ      1996 Central Division titles
µ      1997 Central Division titles
µ      1998 Central Division titles
µ      1999 Central Division titles
µ      2001 Central Division titles
µ      2007 Central Division titles
Hall of Famers of Cleveland Indians
There are several renowned players who are the Hall of Fame members of Cleveland Indians. Following is a list of Hall of Famers of Cleveland Indians:
µ      Al Lopez
µ      Billy Southworth
µ      Bob Feller
µ      Bob Lemon
µ      Dave Winfield
µ      Dennis Eckersley
µ      Dick Williams
µ      Earl Averill
µ      Early Wynn
µ      Eddie Murray
µ      Frank Robinson
µ      Gaylord Perry
µ      Hal Newhouser
µ      Hoyt Wilhelm
µ      Joe Gordon
µ      Joe Sewell
µ      Larry Doby
µ      Lou Boudreau
µ      Phil Niekro
µ      Ralph Kiner
µ      Sam Rice
µ      Satchel Paige
µ      Stan Coveleski
µ      Steve Carlton
µ      Tris Speaker
Active Rosters of Cleveland Indians
µ      40 Jess Todd
µ      37 Jake Westbrook
µ      34 Kerry Wood
µ      61 Kelvin de la Cruz
µ      55 Fausto Carmona
µ      59 Carlos Carrasco
µ      46 Tony Sipp
µ      38 Joe Smith
µ      72 Héctor Ambriz
µ      45 Jeremy Sowers
µ      50 Jensen Lewis
µ      63 Justin Masterson
µ      54 Chris Perez
µ      53 Rafael Pérez
µ      75 Hector Rondon
µ      51 Mitch Talbot
µ      69 Jeanmar Gómez
µ      28 David Huff
µ      32 Aaron Laffey
µ      30 Lou Marson
µ      52 Mike Redmond
µ      68 Wes Hodges
µ      25 Andy Marté
µ      35 Anderson Hernández
µ      70 Carlos Rivero
µ      1 Luis Valbuena
µ      2 Jhonny Peralta
µ      33 Russell Branyan
µ      13 Asdrúbal Cabrera
µ      66 Jason Donald
µ      7 Matt LaPorta
µ      24 Grady Sizemore
µ      71 Nick Weglarz
µ      23 Michael Brantley
µ      67 Jordan Brown
µ      17 Shin-Soo Choo
µ      4 Trevor Crowe
Designated hitters
µ      48 Travis Hafner


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