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Best Baseball Websites

About Best Baseball Websites

Baseball is the most popular outdoor game in America today. People follow this game and love reading about it. Numerous websites provide a multitude of information for the avid reader. The information ranges from facts steeped in history from the early days of the game evolution to details about the baseball game, the tours, the teams and players in the major league. Most of the websites are easily be categorized under themes like history, statistics, fantasy games, current news, and memorabilia among others. There are some websites which are dedicated to specific teams or certain players who have attained celebrity status. But in this ocean of websites, how do you select the best? How can you say that one website scores over another in this race to being the best? A very common way to evaluate the effectiveness of a website and hence rank it in comparison to other similar websites is its usefulness of purpose and originality. Lets delve into it a little deeper. A website claiming to give us a background into the historical development of the game of baseball fails miserably in its usefulness of purpose if it only talks about the Major League Baseball teams of the last ten years. Similarly a website which gives all the information available on other websites cannot claim to be original and so is of little use to us.

Keeping the following two criterions of usefulness of purpose and originality in mind we can list the following ten websites as the Best Baseball Websites on the internet today:
Baseball Almanac (www.baseball-almanac.com)

It is a site which will never return you empty-handed. Exhaustive and comprehensive information about anything and everything related to baseball spread over 300,000 thousand pages; it never ceases to amaze you by the sheer volume of its content.

Baseball-Reference (www.baseball-reference.com)

An important feature of this website is the section on individual players. All details related to a player, from his career graph to statistics are displayed here for the researcher.

Baseball Library (www.baseballlibrary.com)
It is a virtual library listing the biographies of major league baseball players. Facts and figures about these players punctuated with their impact on the game make for interesting reading. Fans can follow the career graph of their favorite players as they can get the detailed information of the player of their choice right from his rookie days till the end of his career.
National Baseball Hall of Fame (www.baseballhalloffame.org)
Baseball Hall of Fame mixes adds an element of fun to mundane statistics. One can enjoy the video biographies of various major league players on this website. Reading history was never such interesting.
The Official Site of Major League Baseball (www.mlb.com)
Most of the information available on a majority of baseball websites originates on this website. Apart from statistics, player profiles, history and other regular features of the website, two sections that are a definite stand-out are the fantasy section and baseballchannel.tv.
Hardball Times (www.hardballtimes.com)
This is the website if you want to read about in-game statistics and want to learn how these statistics are useful and effective for the game in general. This website also gives an insight into the reasons why and how these statistics are recorded. This is a website for the statistically minded and enriches the reader with detailed analysis and data.
Baseball Prospectus (www.baseballprospectus.com)
This is the website of choice for those addicted to fantasy baseball. It provides detailed and up-to-date information about players to help these fantasy fanatics to play their fantasy baseball games in the virtual world.
Sporting News (www.sportingnews.com)
One of the earliest information warehouses for baseball lovers, this website was once the most popular site for all information related to the game of baseball. It still enjoys a commendable following because of its extensive fantasy baseball tips and its archive where you can find information about the game from the eras gone by.
Baseball Think Factory (www.baseballthinkfactory.com)
This is a website where once registered you will find a multitude of baseball information including news, blogs and forums. This website is a must read for all baseball fans who want keep themselves updated with the latest information about the game and also for people who want to air their views regarding topics related to the baseball world.
RotoWorld (www.rotoworld.com)
This is the place for “breaking news” regarding fantasy baseball. If you are fantasy baseball fanatic, you would not want to skip this website as it has updated information on everything related to fantasy baseball.
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