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Baseball Team Websites

Baseball always have stored in high interest among the people and is popular in United States, Caribbean Islands, and parts of North and Central America. The game that has a huge fan following. The Baseball teams like the Baseball game also hosts high interest among people. It is this interest that has led to the formation of Baseball team websites. The team websites aim to offer the fans with all the information of the league schedule, game statistics, and standings, and many more. You also get to know more about your favorite teams like its trivia, history, and other interesting facts.
The major league is generally considered as the most common Baseball league that is further separated into National League and American League. The National League and the American league jointly hosts the most popular teams of Baseball that registers a huge fan following. Let us have a look at some of the top team websites of Baseball that boasts at a beautiful connect with its fans.
American League Team Websites
Baltimore Orioles (www.orioles.com)
Baltimore Orioles is one of the most popular teams of Baseball that has been playing since 19th century. The team is often considered as one of the hardest and strongest teams of Baseball that quite made news with the inclusion of top Baseball players in its team. The Baltimore Orioles joined the American League in the year 1901. At the official site of the Baltimore Orioles, you will get to catch a glimpse of all the latest and updated news related to the team and concerning the game. The website just aims to build a connect with the fans.
Boston red Sox (www.redsox.com)
Another American league team, the Boston Red Sox is quite popular in the United States. One of the most recognized team of Baseball, the Boston Red Sox made its way to the American League with the help of huge support from its fans along with its strong performances. The team whose roots can be traced back to the time of 1870’s has always showed up and lived up to the expectations of the Bostonians. The present name of the team was adopted in the year 1907. Now, you can catch all the updates related to your favorite teams and get up close and personal with your favorite player at the official website of the Boston Red Sox.
Chicago White Sox (www.whitesox.com)
The Chicago White Sox, one of the most popular teams of the American league is often referred to as the ‘Baseball Gods’. The team that has been playing since 1919 has been putting up tough competitions to other teams. The Chicago white Sox team is well known for the long lasting effect it keeps on the field that often even turns out to be severe.
Cleveland Indians (www.indians.com)
The Cleveland Indians became the chartered member of the American League after winning their first home game on April 29, 1901. The team was often referred to as the ‘Blues’. This particular name was used by Cleveland's National League entry in the 1880's.
Kansas City Royals (www.royals.com)
The Kansas City Royals is one of the baseball teams of the American league that has recorded a shining ten year of glorified baseball. The royals with their consistent performance soon became a model baseball team. The team of the royals successfully managed to play as a big team even in the small town market. Since their first division win in the year 1976, the royals have had no looking back. However, the team also has its share of some bad plays as well.
Detroit Tigers (www.tigers.com)
The Tigers were surely to be a team to watch out for in the first half of 20th Century, as it registered flourishing improvements in the game of baseball. The team that managed to record almost the maximum number of wins after the New York Yankees is often referred to as one of the most thriving Baseball teams of the American league. The team is also home to some of the greatest hitters of all time that the game of baseball has ever registered. However, the team started showing up with poor performances from the second half of 20th Century.
New York Yankees (www.yankees.com)
The team that started playing in the year of 1903 was primarily known as the New York Highlanders. This particular team was originally owned by a couple of bartenders who brought the team to the North by paying 18,000 USD. The New York Highlander5s showed up with a very modest performance in the first 18 years of their play. The team later in the year 1913 changed its name to New York Yankees. This particular team has been one of the most consistent performers of the American league with great players and hitters of all time.
Seattle Mariners (www.Mariners.com)
The Seattle Mariners as a team did not witness or register a great play at the beginning of their play. The team that had been hit with many lows could finally register a change after eight years of their play. The mariners moved on to Seattle and registered a seta at the American league.
Texas Rangers (www.rangers.com)Fmet
The baseball team of Washington D.C is one of the original franchisees owned by the American League. However, the team lost many of its fan-following after witnessing years of losses in the game of baseball. The owner of the team then moved his tem too the west in the year 1060 for a change.
Toronto Blue Jays (www.bluejays.com)
The Canadian franchisee of the Baseball team tried to show its American counterparts how to build a baseball team form the scratch. The Toronto team that registered a berth in the American league in the year 1977 has been hell bent on putting up tough competitions to other teams. The team since then has been putting up a very noticeable performances and has went on to become one of the most popular teams of American League.
National League Team Websites
Arizona Diamondbacks (www.backs.com)
One of the most famous National League Baseball teams, the Arizona Diamondbacks are popular across the Baseball fanatic states. The Baseball that witnessed many highs and lows continued to remain a tough competition putting up strong performances. The team bounced back hard every time it witnessed a failure and probably this is what still kept the support of the fans alive for this team. The official website of the team in its offering the latest and updated news aims to build and hold onto the strong connect with the fans.
Atlanta Braves (www.braves.com)
The braves of the National league is supposedly the only team that holds the record of being the longest active franchise in the game of baseball. The national league team that was first formed in the year 1876 has since then witnessed to many name changes. The team that is presently known as the Atlanta Braves has been putting up tough competition against the opponents for around generations now. The official website of the team aims to hold onto this fan following, support, and reputation form across the globe.
Chicago Cubs (www.cubs.com)
The Chicago Cubs is probably one of the most perfect Baseball Franchisee of the National League. The team that is extremely popular and recognized also registers a great fan-following across the globe. This particular team of the National League also hosts a very inspiring list of the Hall of Fame Players. However, this particular team that has registered many golden years with its play has also registered some drawbacks in the field.
Cincinnati Reds (www.reds.com)
The game of Baseball that mainly prospers on tradition registers a great dominance in the team of Cincinnati Reds. This particular team of Cincinnati Reds follows tradition like none other. This team was formed four years after the civil war and has been representing the town since the year 1881.
Colorado Rockies (www.ColoradoRockies.com)
The team of Colorado Rockies is one team of the National League that can never be termed as an uninteresting team though it has not registered much win. This particular team plays in a very distinctive style of "mile high style" through which it has been lighting up the scoreboards and pitchers for over 10 years now.
Florida Marlins (www.marlins.com)
A comparatively new franchisee of the league, the Florida Marlins has already registered success under their belt. This quick success that has actually been a reason of many other teams envy has made them one of the most popular teams of the national League. The team is well known for registering exciting and extraordinary plays in the season of Baseball.
Houston Astros (www.astros.com)
The Houston Astros team was formed in the year 1962and since then has been having a very tough time registering an identity in the national League. This tough time can be attributed to the lack of superstars in their playing team and to the lack of post-season success. The team took years to register a win or a title at different forms of the league play and this inconsistency marks their years of struggle in the national League.
Los Angeles Dodgers (www.dodgers.com)
The team before being part of the national League played in the competition of the Brooks, the Atlantics and the Bridegrooms in minor league. The year 1890 witnessed the inclusion of this particular team in the fold of the national league. The team within a year managed to become one of the best controlled team of Baseball and winning franchisees. The team is well known for the innovation it brings in to the play that is almost unparallel.
New York Mets (www.mets.com)
This particular team almost took a year of time to find a strong foothold in the fold of National League. However, their struggle can be attributed to the fact that was established amidst a contentiousness ambience. The team was supposed to fill the gap of not one but two storied franchises. Moreover, they had to compete the Yankees, one of the best established team of Baseball in finding a support and recognition.
Philadelphia Phillies (www.phillies.com)
This particular team is one of the oldest and longest-standing same named team of the city n the history of the game of Baseball. The team that has been a part of the national league strangely does not witness popularity in accordance to their long-standing relevance. The Philadelphia Phillies is rather known for poor management, bad players, and as a losing team.
San Francisco Giants (www.SFGiants.com)
The team of San Francisco registered their name as giants within two years of their play. The team that started well at the beginning soon witnessed a drawback with losses. The owner of the team then hired John McGraw, one of the most eminent personalities of the Baseball game to control and manage their game of baseball.
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