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ALL STAR GAME at Anaheim

National league plays against the American League

There are talks about the American League’s dominance in the All-Star game.
Ryan Howard wants to change it this time and end the drought for the National League. During the Baseball's Midsummer Classic in 2002 the NL morale was boosted by a 7-7 tie in 2002.
Rockies Ubaldo Jimenez will be starting for the NL at Angel Stadium. In the bullpen: Josh Johnson the ace from Marlins, Roy Halladay the Mr. Perfect with an ERA of 3.16 from the Phillies and Tim Lincecum winner of NL Cy Young Award from the Giants and so on.
The Interleague play has been dominated by the American League for several years. The AL has won four titles out of six in the World Series. In 2008 at Yankee Stadium, it took 15 innings for the National League to make it happen but fell short. The last time the NL won was at Philly's Veterans Stadium in 1996. According to latest baseball news the National League coach Bruce Cochy of Giants the NL s need to stop this drought.
David Price the lefty from Tampa Bay Rays will start for Al on Tuesday. AL lineup features Josh Hamilton, Vladimir Guerrero, Alex Rodriguez and David Ortiz. Jimenez know that everyone here is to enjoy the game but the priority will be to win the game, and for which they need to hold up the AL lineup. The game will be decided by the big swings as Big Papi from the Boston's won the Home Run Derby on Monday night, hitting 11 homers.
Besides enjoying the game, everybody involved wants to make into top charts at the All-Star game. The NL players believe it's time to end the long drought for win against the AL.



All Star Game Results


The baseball legend GEORGE STEINBRENNER left this great day.
Brian McCann's one swing and the National League took the lead from the American League at All Star Game in Anaheim. In seventh inning McCann hit a three run double by taking the national's scoreboard lead to 3-1, leading to a much awaited victory since 1996 against the American league.
The home field advantage was taken by the national leaguein this year's world series. David Price and Ubaldo Jimenez with the their dominant pitching set the tone for the All Star Game.
An alert play Jonathan Broxton and Marlon Byrd sealed the ninth inning drama by the American League.
NL had its win when AROD was standing at the dugout and Ian Kinsler was flied out.Till the bases were cleared by the MVP Brian McCann, Robinson Cano's run in fifth inning was the only run in the game.
With the death of the Yankees owner George Steinbrenner due to heart attack on Tuesday in Tampa the Yankees wore a black armbands. Flags were hung half-staff and their was two min silence before the game.George Steinbrenner, a great man in baseball passed away on this great day for baseball. He was not only significant for Yankees but to everyone related to baseball.
After 14 years the NL has comeback with win this time.The 24 years Price was the youngest All-Star starter. Rockies Jimenez, a 15-game winner for Colorado and first-time All-Star, provided with two scoreless innings. The temperature was 85 degree at ANAHEIM, Southern California.
The overall All-Star game series is headed by the NL with a stats of 41-38-2.
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