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Baseball Merchandise

Playing baseball without its appropriate accessories makes no sense at all. There are a host of equipments that are required to play baseball both at the domestic and at the professional level. Over the years, many developments have been made and incorporated in baseball equipments. Baseball merchandise is designed for both amateur and professional players. Given below are the various components of baseball accessories:-
Gloves: During the initial years when baseball was established, the concept of using gloves did not exist. The first gloves were extremely thin and were layered only on the palm. At present, various types of gloves are used for playing baseball. For instance, the glove used by the catcher is round, big and padded. Outfielder’s glove is larger than infielder’s glove and the mitt of the first baseman is comparatively longer than the glove used by other fielders.
Bases: Stakes as high as four feet were used as the first bases in baseball. This had its own problem because the players often injured themselves by slipping while taking a run. In order to avoid injuries and minimize risks involved in the game, soft sacks filled with sands were used. At present, the bases resemble sand filled bags.
Safety Gear: Safety gear is meant for catchers. It includes a face mask, helmet, chest protector, shin guards and a cup and is worn by catchers. In the year 1952, the batters of Pittsburg Pirates first started to wear helmets. The first helmet to be used did not have any ear flap. It was later on used in the major leagues also.
Bats: It is a strict rule to use wooden bats in the major leagues. The dimension of the bat is 42 inches in length and around 2 3/4th inches in diameter at its thickest base. It is advised to use bats that are made from White ash wood. These bats absorb a part of the shock while hitting a 90 mile per hour pitch. The bats are formed and made according to the designs specified by the hitter.
Baseballs: The bats may be made according to the suitability of the batter but, all the balls are of the same size and weight. The dimension of the ball ranges from 9 to 9 1/4 inches in circumference. Their weight varies from 5 to 5 ¼ ounces. The core or center of the ball is made of cork and is covered with rubber. It is then layered with cotton and wool yarn which are wound tightly around it. Precisely, a baseball is made from 150 yards of cotton (which is 450 feet) and 219 yards of wool yarn (which is 625 feet). Finally, the ball is coated with cowhide. It is then sewn in the shape of two peanuts. These are all hand made and there are exactly 108 stitches on them.
Uniform, shoes and other baseball accessories are made according to match or league requirements.


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