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Baseball Equipment

Baseball equipment is an integral part of baseball game. Regardless of the level of play (professional, domestic, and amateur), special baseball equipments like bats, balls, and gloves are required. An affluence of baseball stores are there that offer top quality baseball equipments in affordable price.
History of Baseball Equipments
Baseball equipments have been evolved over the years. In the 1800's the baseball players would not wear a helmet. Before the late 1800's baseball gloves were not commonly used. In the early years of baseball game, two opponent teams would share baseball gloves from inning to inning. Then gloves were also very thin and covered just the palm. The National League of Professional Baseball Clubs first introduced baseball uniforms in 1882. The batters of the Pittsburg Pirates first used helmets in 1952.
List of Baseball Equipments
Bats – Baseball bat is one of the most important equipments of baseball game. As per the rule in the major leagues, the players need to use wooden bats. The length of the bat is 42 inches and diameter at its thickest base is around 2 3/4 inches. Baseball bats made from white ash wood is mostly popular. The hitters can design their bats according to their own specification.
Gloves – Gloves were not used at the earlier ages of baseball. But, now it is very hard to imagine this game without gloves. Baseball gloves are of different types. The glove which is used by the catcher is round, big and padded, while the glove of the outfielders is larger than the glove of the infielders.  Mitt of the first baseman is longer as compared to the glove of other fielders.
Baseballs – Baseballs are of the same size and weight. A baseball consists of 150 yards of cotton (450 feet) and 219 yards of wool yarn (625 feet). The circumference of baseball varies between 9 to 9 1/4 inches, and the weight of the ball should be from 5 to 5 ¼ ounces. There is cork at the core of the ball and it is covered by rubber. The surface of rubber is covered with cotton and wool yarn. The ball is covered with cowhide. Baseballs that are used in the major leagues are mostly made by the Rawlings Company.
Safety Gear – In modern day baseball game, safety gears are very important for the catchers. Safety gears include face mask, shin guards and a cup, helmet, and chest protector.



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