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Baseball Betting Statistics










If you are an avid baseball follower who wants to go for baseball betting, baseball betting statistics may help you in great way. Although according to many, baseball betting is quite easy comparing to betting on other sports, it is also one of the least wagered ones. In order to be a successful bettor, one needs to be updated with plenty of information. One needs to have good command over different baseball betting statistics. A bettor should keep records of all the games of the event where he is betting. Besides, the bettor also needs to keep records of the teams, key players, (relief pitchers, starting pitchers etc.) and umpires. Your success in betting would depend upon how good you are in keeping updated baseball betting statistics.
Baseball Betting Totals
Baseball betting totals play a major role in baseball betting. Many bettors find it wonderful way to make money. Many baseball betting totals also include umpires’ performances, which enhance the chances of your win. Umpire Report can also be verified from the Stats pages. Besides these, other statistics include home/away numbers, hitting, ERA etc.
Statistics Considered by the Bettors
There are several baseball betting statistics that baseball bettors might be interested in. However, bettors pay most attention on the starting pitchers. This is because Starting Pitchers have the capability to win or lose a ballgame single-handedly. However, starting pitchers can’t always live up to their expectations and often fail to perform as the bettors may have expected.
One of the major skills that baseball bettors need to have in order to succeed is the prediction skill. Bettors try to predict when the starting pitchers would be able to live up to his statistics.
Bettors also use some readily available baseball betting statistics, which display the performance of the pitchers in their last three starts.
In team performances, bettors consider win-loss statistics (overall, home and road statistics), runs per game (in the last 5/10/20 games / season), runs against certain teams, wining statistics in the last 10/20 games etc.


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