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Baseball Betting Odds









Baseball betting odds are different from those of football or basketball. Baseball odds are more concerned with winning the game rather than dealing with point spread. It is useful to note that the run line is baseball odds for spread. The spread for the favorite is always -1.5 and for underdogs, it is +1.5. This is so because in baseball, the scores are always very less. So, the range is also low.

Baseball is the national game of US. People are simply crazy to watch the matches. The fans spend lavishly on buying ticket. It opens up a host of opportunities for bettors to bid on teams. As the matches span throughout the season, it helps the baseball bettors to understand the proceedings of the game. However, at times it becomes difficult for the bettors when a team has new players. It is a tough task to judge and then place their bets. A feasible option to overcome this difficulty is to closely observe the performance of these new players during the Spring Training.
Run Line
The combination of the money line and the point spread together is known as the run line. A regular spread of 1.5 runs is used on the run line. On certain occasions it can increase to 2.5 runs.
Listed pitches and action
In many occasions during the baseball betting odds, you can change a baseball favorite into an underdog along the run line. One of the obvious advantages for following this method is that it has the minimal risks involved. Also note that for baseball odds, the difference is measured between the listed pitchers and action option. If you bet on a baseball match you will get the betting odds that are based on the listed pitchers. In the event of your not specifying the pitchers, you will receive action on the side of your choice at the baseball odds which are adjusted.
It is a usual lot with bettors in baseball betting odds to usually list the pitchers. However, others prefer to choose action. In most of the cases, the game is started by pitchers. In few occasions, the pitchers are changed on the board which displays the baseball betting odds.
Baseball Betting Money Lines
It is interesting to note that in baseball betting odds, money line is not point spread. So, in order to win a bet (as opposed to the money line), a team has to win the game. Money line is used when the point spread does not hold good anymore. This is because the winning margin in baseball is so less that it is not possible to make a point spread on every occasion. The gap between the money line odds of the favorite and the underdog increases every time when the favorite registers victory.
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