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Baseball Betting



Baseball is an extremely popular game in North America so is its betting. The 7-months long MLB season and other minor leagues have many followers. Although majority of them follow the game as they simply love it, there are also many who have another reason to follow it – the baseball betting.
Majority of the sports bettors think that baseball betting is quite easy comparing to betting on other sports, but figures tell different story – baseball betting is one of the least wagered one in the sports world in spite of its popularity. Although baseball betting could be quite difficult for the average baseball bettors to reap long term profit, it can be quite profitable for the experienced bettors.
Baseball Betting Characteristics
Baseball betting is a bit different from betting on other sports. A money line, determining the amounts of money laid and money won is used in betting of baseball. The favorite team is determined by the highest negative money line. On the other hand, the lowest negative money line, along with all the positive money lines, determines the underdog. Favorite with a negative line and underdog with a positive line are the most common in baseball betting.

Pitchers are the key players in a baseball game, who also play major role in baseball betting as well. The money line in baseball betting is made on the basis of starting pitchers. However, it can be adjusted later. A baseball game can be bet in many ways depending on the pitching.

When a bet gets live, you bet it as “action”. Payout may vary for any unscheduled pitching change. A baseball game can also be bet on the basis of a pitcher for one team.
Run line, a rule in baseball where some runs are deducted from a favorite team’s score, may have some effects on baseball betting. A favorite team may become underdog if you bet on the run line.
What Does it Take to Be a Good Bettor?
To be into baseball betting, you need to be updated with a series of information. The Major League Baseball continues for almost 7 months and consists of 2430 games. In order to be a good bettor, you need to keep the records of all these games. And, don’t forget that, it’s an overwhelming task to keep a track of the statistics of over 50 key relief pitchers, 150 starting pitchers and all of the umpires. Besides, you also need to be updated with key matchups, weather reports and home/away tendencies of all the teams.
Where to Bet?
You can bet on baseball in many ways. There are many websites that offer online baseball betting. Some of those can be listed as below:
Bet jamaica
Mansion Sports Exchange
Vip Sports international
Pig Sports International


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