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Baseball Apparel

Baseball apparel is the uniform worn by baseball players. Just like the jerseys of other sports, baseball also has its own apparels which display the names of the players and their numbers written on them. Baseball apparels include shirts, pants, shoes, socks, caps and gloves. Different colors and logos are used to denote the teams. Generally, two types of uniform were used. One was used for playing at the stadiums, while the other was worn by the players when they played on road.
History of Baseball Apparel
The first ever baseball uniform was used by the New York Knickerbockers Club in the year 1849. Their uniform included pants knit with blue wool, white flannel shirts and straw hats. After this, it became a practice to wear uniforms in all the matches. Various types of apparels were used each with a specific pattern, for different teams. Given below are a few the baseball apparels:-
Shoes are an essential component of baseball apparel. The players wore soft leather shoes during the 19th century. As the game involved playing on turfs that were made artificially, the soft shoes were replaced by spiked ones. The spikes were very useful because they prevented the players for slipping on the turf and from injury. Initially, black colored shoes were used by the players. During 1960s, Kansas City players started wearing white shoes.
Various types of pants were used by the players. Initially, striped pants and traditional knee breeches were the order of the day. In the 1990s, shapes of pants were changed to close trimmed ones. One of the important reasons attributed to this fact was that these pants enabled players to run fast as they did not hang on shoe tops. At present, the uniforms worn by the players are in total disagreement to the ones used before.
Baseball apparels include caps and headgears with eye shades. During the period of 1840 to 1870, innovations in hats were made. Players wore hats that were round in shape at the tops while some used caps which had the tops flat.
Graphics and Logos
Graphics and logos were in vogue in order to identify the players and the teams. In fact, it was customary for the players to wear a T shirt or jersey with an English alphabet written or embossed on it. This was further complimented with the names of cities, roads, team nicknames, logos and symbols on the jerseys.
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