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Baltimore Orioles

The Baltimore Orioles is a professional baseball team. The team derives its name from the district of Baltimore which is based in Maryland. The Orioles are one of the members of the Eastern Division of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) American League (AL).
History of Baltimore Orioles
It was originally established as a major league club in Milwaukee in the year 1901. At that time they were known as Milwaukee Brewers. In the year 1902 they moved to St. Louis and named themselves as St. Louis Browns. However, in 1954, they finally renamed themselves as Baltimore Orioles. They were one of the most formidable oppositions during the decade of the 1890s. The team shot to fame and came into limelight by winning three straight pennants. They also played in the four Temple Cup Championship Series out of which, they won the last two.
However, it was a sad turnout for them when even after repeating their success stories; they were contracted out of the group by the National League. The team suffered a second setback in the year 1901 when they were sacrificed for a franchise of New York. But strong determination and will power brought them back into track when after some time, they became the most successful franchise of the game, they were called the New York Yankees.
Baltimore Orioles- Success Stories
During the period from 1966 to 1983, the Orioles produced some of their best players and coaches. It was during this time that success kissed their feet. They won three World Series titles in 1966, 1970 and 1983. They also won six American pennants in the years 1966, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1979 and 1983. Apart from these, they also won five of the first six American League Eastern Division titles. It was often said that the team played baseball in the ‘Oriole Way’.
Pitfalls of the Baltimore Orioles
The period between 1983 and 1986 brought a lot of changes for the Orioles in terms of performance. In the year 1986, they first tasted defeat since 1967. The start of the 1988 season was also disappointing for them where, they lost the first 21 matches thus ending the season at 54/107. Incidentally, this was their worst record since 1939. However, in the year 1989, their ace Jeff Ballard was instrumental in elevating the team’s performance to a considerable extent. They finished at 2nd spot after the Toronto Blue Jays. Their stats revealed a brand new success with a decent record of 85/75. The year 2005 was more of a mixed bag for the Orioles who started the season with a bang but, they could not retain their efforts.
The last season East standings of the Orioles are given as follows:-
  • Wins- 64
  • Loss- 98
  • Pct- 0.395
  • GB- 39
  • Home- 39-42
  • Road- 25-56
  • Last 10- 4-6
  • Streak- Won 4
According to the statistics, the Baltimore Orioles are at the 5th position as present with Yankees leading the chart with 103 wins against 59 losses. The second, third and fourth positions are occupied by the Red Sox (Win-95/Loss-67), Rays (Win- 84/Loss- 78) and Blue Jays (Win- 75/Loss- 87).



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