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Hank Aaron(1934-Present)

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Basball Player Name: Hank Aaron

Time period of Play: 1954-1976

Position of Play: Right Fielder

Hank Aaron is known for its outstanding baseball career. The Sporting News honored Hank with a fifth position in the list of Greatest Baseball players.
In 1954, he started his career by playing with Negro American League. In his entire career, he gave many hits. One of his great achievements include the famous MLB record for the home runs. Throughout the time span of 1955 to 1973, he gave more than 24 hits each year.
He won three Rawlings Gold Glove Awards for his top hits. 1957 was a glorious year for this player. He was honored with “National League Most Valuable Player Award”. His 23-year long career gave him lot of hits. He consistently gave many hits. He won the triple crown thrice in 1963. The baseball enthusiasts give special regard to this outstanding player. Aaron was the recipient of many prestigious awards in his baseball career. He is the top five contenders for giving great hits.

Aaron is also the honorable recipient of credits from Howe Sports Bureau for .366 average in 26 Negro official games.

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Personal Information

Full Name: Henry Louis Aaron
Born: February 5, 1934
Playing Position: Right Fielder


MLB debut was in April 13, 1954 for the Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves and Last MLB appearance was in October 3, 1976 for the Milwaukee Brewers
Batting Average   .305
Home Runs    755
Hits    3,771
Runs Batted In    2,297


Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves (1954-1974)
Milwaukee Brewers (1975-1976)

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